Fields missing from Microsoft Dynamics NAV D365 Forms – User Security Issue – NAV 2017 2018 D365

For additional support, please feel free to contact us in our California Offices at 800-227-0700 or at . Some of our clients have reported a number of issues with FIELDS that completely dis-appear or are hidden from a NAV Page even though the user has confirmed underlying access to the table. Examples of these […]

How to Reverse a Fixed Asset Disposal in Dynamics NAV 2017 2018

Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports MULTIPLE Depreciation Books in the Fixed Asset Module. Each depreciation Book can be configured to post to the GL for various types of Transactions such as Acquisition, Disposal, Depreciation and others. Of course, the typical configuration is that only ONE of the Depreciation Books will post the General Ledger, while the […]

How to redirect Help Server for Dynamics NAV Web Client

We have received a number of inquiries from our clients, which are reporting an error and failure to access the Dynamics NAV Help and Help Server from a remote terminal Browser using the Dynamics NAV Web Client. During our typical deployments of the Dynamics NAV 2016 product, we encounter the problem that remote users of […]

QuickBooks 2017 Scheduled Reports – What’s New

Intuit will release its latest QuickBooks Product on September 16th in the US. One of the KEY new features of this Version are the Scheduled Reports. This new feature will allow you to configure an auto-delivery mechanism to send reports automatically from QuickBooks 2017. This new function utilizes the Windows Task Manager. As such, you […]

How to create Comment Lines in Dynamics NAV SO or PO Trx

Dynamics NAV uses a concept called Standard Text Codes to allow you the ability to recall text descriptions which appear on Sales or purchasing documents, such as Sales Orders or Sales Invoices as well as Purchase Orders. To access these comments and description lines, search for the “Standard Text Codes” Page in your search function […]

How to handle 1099 IRS Info Setup in Dynamics NAV 2016

Although NAV is originally a European Software Product, the NA or North American Edition has been localized to the United States market significantly. On the AP side of the System the 1099 functionality required by the IRS has been added. The 1099 Setup in NAV 2016 supports all types of 1099 classification and the setup […]

Standard Cost Revalue Error Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int – Dynamics GP 2015

Manufacturing Customer and User of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is getting and error when attempting to run the revaluation procedure to calculate the Standard Cost, based on Components cost in Dynamics GP 2015. Error Reads: Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int Resolution: BACKUP your DATA FIRST !!! Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP […]