System Requirements for QuickBooks Enterprise 2016

QuickBooksEnterprise2015System requirements provides you the information needed to ensure your computer hardware, software, and operating system meet the minimum requirements for your version of QuickBooks.

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What is the difference between a Software License and a Subscription as offered by Intuit for QuickBooks

QuickBooksEnterprise2015There is a fair amount of confusion about the new way that Intuit is selling its QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Software products to new customers. Back in October of 2014 the QuickBooks Enterprise product was switched from a Software license to a software subscription pricing model. As of January 2016, all QuickBooks Pro and Premier new customers will also sign-up with a subscription, not a License.

When you subscribe to QuickBooks, you will NOT own a Software License at all. As a result, you do not have any claims to the product beyond the contractual time period and to the data contained within. If you stop paying your annual subscription fee, you will STOP having access to your company data file as well.

Even though the QuickBooks Desktop product is installed on your local server and/or workstation, the software will check , via the Internet, every 2 weeks if your subscription status allows for access to the system. If your system is not configured to access the Internet, the software will lock up within 2 weeks.

Once your subscription expires, the QuickBooks Software will not allow you to open any company file and see ANY data. The system does not differentiate between data access in read-only or read-write mode and all access is disabled, once your subscription expires. The location of the datafile is NOT relevant.

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Intuit releases R6 for QuickBooks 2015

What’s important about Release 6?

  1. Fixed issues that caused QuickBooks to close when emailing transactions
  2. Fixed a performance issue for company files with inventory enabled
  3. Fixes included for Advanced Inventory, Advanced Pricing, and Advanced Reporting

Please review the Summary of Release 6 Changes below for more information.

+ Installing Release 6:

To update your QuickBooks program with the Release 6 changes:

  1. Close QuickBooks and reopen QuickBooks.
  2. At the prompt to install the update now, answer Yes.
  3. (Recommended) After the update completes, restart your computer.

The update process may take several minutes. If you choose not to update when you open QuickBooks, the message will appear each time you open QuickBooks until the update is completed.

+ Installing Release 6 in a multi-user environment:

If you use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, Intuit strongly recommends installing the product release on each computer running QuickBooks. For more information on sharing updates in a multi-user environment:

  1. From the Help menu, choose Update QuickBooks.
  2. In the Update QuickBooks window, click Help.
  3. Click the Help topic link Sharing updates in a multi-user environment.

Summary of Release 6 Changes:

Accounts Receivable

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Transaction History window to not open after pressing CTRL + H, for invoices that had been emailed. (R6)
  • Fixed an issue in which an Invoice that contains an item with only the description filled in is saved with ‘0.0’ amount. (R6)
  • Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close unexpectedly when trying to print/delete/email an invoice without saving it first. (R6)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Cost column to be subtotaled when trying to subtotal the Price column. (R6)

Advanced Inventory

  • Fixed an issue that caused the lot number to not be removed when switching items on a transaction. (R6)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Site Locations to display incorrect quantities on hand when building assembly items. (R6)

Advanced Pricing

  • Fixed an issue that caused conditions for a Price Rule to be blank after running a Rebuild. (R6)

Advanced Reporting

  • Fixed an issue that caused conditions for a Price Rule to be blank after running a Rebuild. (R6)
  • Advanced Reporting will now be able to report on whether a transaction has an attachment or not. (R6)
  • Advanced Reporting will now be able to read transactions that contain up to 10,000 lines of detail. The former limit was 1000 lines of detail. (R6)


  • More consistent generation of online pay links and the ability to view PDF’s in the counterpart portal. (R6)
  • The ability for users who are not admins to send invoices with online pay enabled. (R6)

Email Sales Forms and Statements

  • Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close unexpectedly when trying to email a batch of invoices. (R6)
  • Fixed an issue the prevented the ability to email statements. (R6)


  • Fixed an issue that caused a decrease in performance while in multi-user mode when editing or using Inventory items. (R6)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the warning for “Zero Amount Items” to be displayed incorrectly. (R6)


  • Enabled Accountant specific features, previously only found in Enterprise Accountant, for all Enterprise editions. (R6)
  • Setup channel to properly deliver upgrades and updates when-and-if available to supported products. (R6)
  • Setup channel to properly deliver upgrades and updates when-and-if available to active subscribers. (R6)
  • Setup channel to properly block automated or downloadable upgrades or updates to non-subscribers, including not renewed full-service-plan (FSP) Enterprise products. (R6)


Added support for Alt+D to toggle the Print Later option on the Invoice, Sales Receipt, Purchase Order, Sales Order, and Write Checks window. (R6)


  • Registration and activation of your QuickBooks product will now occur upon first launch. (R6)
  • Improvements have been made to the Registration verification screen. More options are provided to validate your purchase and activate your product faster. (R6)


Sync Critical alert has been removed from the Reminders window for files that have the option to sync disabled in Sync Manager. (R6)


Fixed an issue that caused custom fields for the Build Assembly Header to not be returned in the query. (R6)

Users and Permissions

Fixed an issue that caused an Unrecoverable Error when the Full Access role was selected from the Roles list. (R6)


Rebuild utility will now resolve Online Banking payee mismatch errors. (R6)

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Windows 7 64-Bit Workstation loosing all Internet Connectivity – HOW TO

I spend several hours troubleshooting a problems at my Windows Customer running Windows 7 64-Bit machines and a Windows 2008 R2 Server yesterday. The reason I was called:

  • The workstation appeared to work properly with ALL local applications
  • All local Network activity and file sharing was working properly
  • All browsers that were installed (Explorer and Chrome) did not access the Internet and displayed a generic error message
  • QuickBooks Enterprise stopped working all-together because the License Server was not reachable (NEW as of October of 2014) even though the customer had a valid License Code and an active FSP (Full Server Plan)
  • Windows Updates could not be executed due to a lack of Internet Access


The problem turned out to be a Microsoft released Windows 7 Update which killed all Internet connectivity. I personally have NEVER seen such an issue and need to caution all users of the Windows 7 OS that Microsoft does appear to be fallible. You MUST roll-back the offending Microsoft update using the following method:


This is a very useful software tool provided by Microsoft, presumably for these types os instances, to roll-back to a previous version of your system state. This will remove any Windows updates that you have loaded since.

If you are the Administrator of a larger network, it is yet another argument to configure your Windows OS and the domain group Police to download the Windows updates, but not to install them automatically. Using this approach, you can use a single workstation for testing, and after you are certain that the new Windows updates do not cause any issues on your particular system, go ahead and roll them out domain-wide.

Caution: If you also have a Anti-Virus product loaded, you might receive an error message stating that the system restore did not complete properly because the AV product stopped the restore. In that case, you might need to un-install the AV product and try again.

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QuickBooks Enterprise 2015, 2016 or 2017 Single versus Multi User Mode

Several seemingly simply procedures require you to be in SINGLE USER mode or are limitation of the QBES system that you might want to be aware of. Also, many of our clients reports problems after they make such modifications as they forget to switch BACK to multi-user mode.


  • Making Changes to the COMPANY Preferences from the EDIT Menu such as Multiple Currencies Setup or “Send Forms”. Any changes to this portion of QuickBooks requires access in Single User Mode.
  • Modify 1099 Information and Print 1099 Forms: In a seemingly strange limitation, QuickBooks will not allow you to generate and process 1099 Forms unless you are in Single-user mode.
  • Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Processing requires Single-User Mode. In QBES 2015, Intuit added the ability to process NSF checks, BUT it requires Single User access. This makes this features virtually un-usable for large-scale QBES deployments.
  • Error Message:  “Only one user at a time is allowed to write letters, and ‘user’ is currently doing this.” You will receive this message when multiple users try to use the mail merge feature in QuickBooks on a network. I am not aware of a solution to this message, other than waiting for the current user to finish their work.
  • Changing Posting accounts for Inventory Asset, Cost of Goods Sold or Sales Revenue for an existing item Although extremely powerful in principle, changing the GL distribution account for an existing item in QuickBooks will change the ENTIRE history of IV transactions related to this item. However, you MUST be in Single user mode in order to make these changes. Please note that this process also might alter your previously issues financial statements for fiscal periods which have already been closed.


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Intuit releases R5 for QuickBooks 2015

Release 5 of QuickBooks 2015 for Windows – All Editions

This document summarizes changes and improvements made in Release 5 of all editions of QuickBooks 2015 for Windows except Enterprise Solutions. Release 5 includes all changes that have been made to your QuickBooks 2015 software since it was first released.

Summary of Release 5 Changes:


  • QuickBooks Payments customers can now email invoices with a Pay Now link. Your customers can pay you instantly online or from their mobile device. (R5)
  • As a payments customer, online payments for both card and ACH are enabled by default. You can modify this setting in the company or customer preferences as well as on individual invoices. NOTE: If you previously used IPN, this does not apply, your IPN preferences will set.
  • For payments made online by your customers, you will need to download them from merchant service deposits in order for your invoices and books to reflect the payment.

Time Tracking
Fixed an issue that caused existing Weekly Timesheets to disappear or change to Single Time Activities after upgrading to QuickBooks 2015. (R5)

User Interface
Improved performance of the QuickBooks internal browser when using the software on a computer with Internet Explorer 11. (R5)

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Intuit releases R4 for QuickBooks 2015

Release 4 of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0 Windows – All Editions

This document summarizes changes and improvements made in Release 4 of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0 Windows. Release 4 includes all changes that have been made to your QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0 software since it was first released.

What’s important about Release 4?

  1. Fixed issues causing QuickBooks to close unexpectedl
  2. Improved Rebuild utility to resolve issues with duplicate
  3. Fixed an issue with price rules for custom fields on sales transactions

Summary of Release 4 Changes:

Accounts Receivable
QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly while trying to print, delete, or email an invoice without saving it first. (R4)

Advanced Inventory
Assembly Shortage reports will now include modified (saved or unsaved) Assemblies. (R4)
Duplicate serial number warning will now work if an Invoice is created from an Estimate. (R4)

Advanced Pricing
Price rule prices will no longer revert to the base price when editing a custom field on a previously saved Sales Order or Invoice. (R4)

Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close unexpectedly after opening a report from the Insights page and then closing the program. (R4)

Email Sales Forms and Statements
Removed “Mail through QuickBooks” as an option for sending emails with QuickBooks. (R4)
Increased the email template character limit from 2049 to 32000. (R4)

Excel (Send reports to Excel)
Fixed an issue that caused the report Item Estimates vs Actuals to not export to Excel properly if one or more columns were removed from the report prior to exporting. (R4)

Form Templates
Added a one time message to warn users about sorting columns on transactions. (R4)

Added three new graphs: Net Profit Margin, Business Growth, and Previous Year Expense Comparison. (R4)
Added “Save as PDF” functionality to the Insights page. (R4)
Fixed an issue that caused the window to not fully display if resized while scroll bar was active. (R4)

QuickBooks installer will now open the necessary Windows firewall ports needed to avoid potential issues opening a company file. (R4)

Added a “Manage Your Account” button to the My Company window for easier access to manage things like your Payment Methods and Order History. (R4)

Fixed an issue that caused logo images on forms to appear blurry after saving as PDF. (R4)

QuickBooks Billing Solutions
QuickBooks Billing Solutions is not supported in QuickBooks R4 and beyond. A new solution for online invoice payments is expected to be available by the end of the year. (R4)

QuickBooks Merchant Services
Company files with Multicurrency enabled and set to USD currency, can now process credit card transactions. (R4)

Merged the QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts into the Reminders window. (R4)
Increased support for larger DPI settings. (R4)


  • Removed blue shading from summary reports below the second level of sub accounts for better readability. (R4)
  • Searching for columns in the Modify Report window now supports partial name searches. (R4)
  • Added the ability to see which user created/modified a comment. (R4)
  • Added a Created By column to the Commented Reports window to identify the user who created the report. (R4)

Querying custom fields using DataExtDefQuery will now return the list of fields sorted by Name. (R4)

QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly while performing an Advanced Find using the “Name E-mail” filter. (R4)

Streamlined the data file creation process to make it more efficient. (R4)

User Interface
Added ability to use copy/paste/undo keyboard shortcuts in the Search field on transactions. (R4)


  • Fixed an issue that caused the error “Verify Custom Template list. Duplicate name encountered”. (R4)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the error “Verify Customer Message list. Duplicate name encountered.”. (R4)
  • Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close unexpectedly while exporting a Budget to IIF (File > Utilities > Export > Lists to IIF files and select Budgets). (R4)

Accountant EDITION only
Fixed an issue that caused the error “License not Found – Please try a different login or contact QuickBooks support for further assistance.” to be displayed when trying to unlock the Accountant Toolbox feature. (R3)
Accountant Toolbox can now be accessed from all Premier skus, and not just QuickBooks Premier Accountant. (R3)

File Operations
Fixed an issue that caused the file upgrade on QuickBooks 2015 to fail if a user attempts the upgrade logged in as a non-admin before signing in as a admin. (R3)

Fixed an issue that caused the footer fields Subtotal, Sales Tax, Total, Payments/Credits and Balance Due to not print when trying to use the Intuit Preprinted forms setting. (R3)

This notice is provided as a convenience for our customers and is not intended to supplement, modify, or extend the Intuit software license agreement between Intuit and the customer for any Intuit product or service. All information is provided by Intuit Corporation.

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