How to handle 1099’s in QuickBooks 2017

To properly handle 1099-MISC transactions in QuickBooks, you must complete a couple of setup steps. In the Company PREFERENCES you must activate the tracking of 1099 in general. To navigate here, please select EDIT – PREFERENCE – TAX Settings in SINGLE USER mode and you will see the following:


This function will activate the 1099-MISC tracking in general. Afterwards, you must also activate the individual Vendor for whom you wish to track a 1099. This is done on the regular Vendor Card. Select the Vendor Center, find the Vendor in question and double click. After the Vendor Card opens, select the TAX INFORMATION Tab to see the following:


Make sure to enter the Vendor’s TAX ID, which is typically their Social Security Number, and CHECK the box, as indicated.

In addition, QuickBooks offer a Wizard which allows you to select specific GL Accounts for which a 1099 is being calculated, while others are not part of the total. This will allow you to handle AP Bills properly with regards to amounts which are taxable and others, which are not.


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QuickBooks Enterprise 2017 – What’s New

Improved Multi-User Experience

A QuickBooks 2017 makes it easier than ever to work with multiple users. There are now fewer instances that require users to switch between Multi-User and Single-User mode. It also has a built in communication tool to make switching modes easier.  When you do need to switch modes, switching takes much less time.



Improved Smart Search

Save time with faster searching.  Begin typing a name and QuickBooks automatically fills in the rest.  Memorizing account numbers can be a pain.  Now you won’t need to search the full chart of accounts to find that one client or memorize the exact name of every account or item.  Also, you can now search between values to find a transaction without having to remember the exact amount.


NEW Report Filters

Now one click is all it takes to see which filters have been applied to a report.  Visible filters make it easy to reproduce memorized reports.  The new filter tool also provides you with an easy way to quickly toggle back and forth between reports.


NEW – Undeposited Funds Reminder

Clearly see what deposits require action. A new badge displays the number of pending deposits to be recorded.  Bringing this information to your home screen will help you avoid overstating income or making duplicate entries due to unrecorded deposits.


Deleted User Name Appear in Audit Trail

Track transactions by deleted users with better accuracy; show the name of the deleted user in the audit trail.  Now you can purge old employees from your company file without losing their transaction history.

Vendor and Customer Type Filter

QuickBooks now provides two more new filters in custom search – Customer Type/Vendor Type.  These filters will help you find the information you need faster and give you a new way to group and keep track of customers and vendors.


Cleared Flag on Credit Card Charges

QuickBooks Added a cleared flag to credit card charges to Easily see if a credit card charge is reconciled


Copy and Paste in Time Sheets

Provide a menu item “Copy Line” to select the line and paste it into the another line.Save time when entering time sheet information by copying and pasting data from one line to the next.

Automated Reports in Single User Mode

The new Scheduled Reports Center allows you to customize your reports and schedule them to be generated and emailed automatically.  See all your scheduled reports in one place and decide which one to make active.  You will also receive notifications about reports that did not get sent. Set up and schedule customized reports.


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QuickBooks 2017 Scheduled Reports – What’s New

Intuit will release its latest QuickBooks Product on September 16th in the US. One of the KEY new features of this Version are the Scheduled Reports. This new feature will allow you to configure an auto-delivery mechanism to send reports automatically from QuickBooks 2017. This new function utilizes the Windows Task Manager. As such, you must comply with the following system requirements in order to use these features.

The Scheduled Reports feature uses the Microsoft Task Scheduler and requires the following conditions be met to setup and use schedules:

  • The Windows user needs to have Administrator privileges.
  • The Program must be run as Administrator via the right-click function for first use, or UAC needs to be set at “Never Notify”.
  • The Windows user must be a local, non-roaming profile.

o   Only one edition of 2017 can be installed on the machine running QuickBooks (i.e. if Premier and Enterprise are both installed the feature will be unavailable).

·        Other conditions not related to the Task Schedule are:

  • The file cannot be open in Multi-User mode at the time of the scheduled event;
  • The Company file must be set to use Outlook or Webmail and not the QuickBooks Email Service;
  • If using Outlook, it must be open at the time the scheduled report is sent;
  • The user cannot have another file open at the time of the schedule (although QuickBooks can be closed); and
  • The computer cannot be in sleep or hibernation mode.

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How do I remove the alternating shaded grey lines on my QuickBooks Invoices

When you generate any Marketing documents, including Estimates, Sales Orders and Invoices in QuickBooks Enterprise, starting with Version 15, the system will generate a shaded background on every other line. This function does NOT exist in QuickBooks PRO or QuickBooks Premier. Although many people love this new feature, some do not. During the PRINTING of the document, you will get the printing dialog which contains a printing features to turn this function on or off.

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Researched and published by Christoph Riechert, Senior Consultant and Founder at CBR Technology Corp.

QuickBooks 2016 Release 7 – What is Fixed…

Detailed Information – Release 7

The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks Pro 2016, QuickBooks Premier 2016, and Enterprise Solutions 16.0. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.

How to define a Fiscal Year in QuickBooks

Virtually all reports in QuickBooks have date range option and most of the date ranges can be defaulted to a FISCAL YEAR. However, as QuickBooks itself does not have any month-end, quarter-end or year-end accounting procedures that are mandatory, many of our clients are confused about where to setup and configure the Fiscal Year. This setting will be used by the system to calculate the proper date range values when you select to print a report for your current Fiscal Year.

Select – COMPANY – MY COMPANY and click on the PENCIL icon on the top right-hand side of the window.

A COMPANY INFORMATION window will open and you must select the REPORT INFORMATION option in QuickBooks 2016.

In this window, you can define the months which mark the first month for Tax reporting and for Fiscal Year definitions.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.19.42

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QuickBooks 2016 Character Limitations

Each field in your company data file has a maximum number of characters that can be entered.

Detailed instructions

Maximum number of characters in each field:

Maximum characters
Account Name (General Ledger Account Name for the Chart of Accounts)
Account Numbers (Optional Account Number field which can be activated in Preferences)
Amount (QuickBooks 2009 or newer, Enterprise Solutions 9.0 or newer)
Maximum amount per transaction (QuickBooks 2008 or older, Enterprise Solutions 8.0 or older) $99,999,999.99
Custom field (Items)
Customer message (Invoices)
Customer Name, Vendor Name, and Other names
Item name ** (Not the same as the Item Description)
Employee Name (first and last)
Item description (Invoices)
Item Part number
Job Description
Note Field
Notes in Shipping/Billing Address
Ship to Name
Text Box
Invoice Number Field
Lot Numbers 40
Report Company Name 60
Report Title 60
Report Subtitle 60
Report Extra Footer 60

*While the memo field will contain 4095 characters, only 56 will display on checks. 96 characters will display on a Transaction Detail report.

* While the Notes field on the timesheet contains 4095 characters, only 96 characters will display on the Time by Job Detail reports.

** Item name may contain special characters, but it is recommended that the first character not be a special character.