Fields missing from Microsoft Dynamics NAV D365 Forms – User Security Issue – NAV 2017 2018 D365

For additional support, please feel free to contact us in our California Offices at 800-227-0700 or at . Some of our clients have reported a number of issues with FIELDS that completely dis-appear or are hidden from a NAV Page even though the user has confirmed underlying access to the table. Examples of these […]

How to redirect Help Server for Dynamics NAV Web Client

We have received a number of inquiries from our clients, which are reporting an error and failure to access the Dynamics NAV Help and Help Server from a remote terminal Browser using the Dynamics NAV Web Client. During our typical deployments of the Dynamics NAV 2016 product, we encounter the problem that remote users of […]

User Transaction Date Restrictions in Dynamics NAV

It is common practice for Accounting Departments across the US, to restrict users to specific transaction dates within the Dynamics NAV system. This is typically done for prior accounting periods after the month-end closing procedures have been completed. However, some of my clients also restrict future periods to avoid accidental data entry mistakes during subledger […]

QuickBooks 2017 Scheduled Reports – What’s New

Intuit will release its latest QuickBooks Product on September 16th in the US. One of the KEY new features of this Version are the Scheduled Reports. This new feature will allow you to configure an auto-delivery mechanism to send reports automatically from QuickBooks 2017. This new function utilizes the Windows Task Manager. As such, you […]

How to attach a Document to Dynamics NAV 2016 – Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice, GL Journal Entry

In Dynamics NAV 2016, Microsoft introduced the ability to attach a document to a Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice and General Ledger Journal Entry transaction using the WEB CLIENT. Unlike previous document link capabilities in NAV, which simply stored a URL link to the actual document on a common storage device, the new NAV 2016 product […]

How do I remove the alternating shaded grey lines on my QuickBooks Invoices

When you generate any Marketing documents, including Estimates, Sales Orders and Invoices in QuickBooks, starting with Version 15, the system will generate a shaded background on every other line. Although many people love this new feature, some do not. During the PRINTING of the document, you will get the printing dialog which contains a printing […]

QuickBooks 2016 Release 7 – What is Fixed…

Detailed Information – Release 7 The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks Pro 2016, QuickBooks Premier 2016, and Enterprise Solutions 16.0. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases. What’s important about Release 7? Account passwords to protect sensitive information. Security updates to QuickBooks SDK. QuickBooks Auto Data […]

Inventory Posting Setup by Location in Dynamics NAV

In the Dynamics NAV, the inventory posting and distribution to the General Ledger is driven by the inventory posting group AND inventory location that is being used by the transaction. As a result, you will have to setup two different settings in Dynamics NAV to ensure that the correct GL posting will occur. 1. Create […]

How to define a Fiscal Year in QuickBooks

Virtually all reports in QuickBooks have date range option and most of the date ranges can be defaulted to a FISCAL YEAR. However, as QuickBooks itself does not have any month-end, quarter-end or year-end accounting procedures that are mandatory, many of our clients are confused about where to setup and configure the Fiscal Year. This […]

Dynamics NAV – Drop Ship Feature not visible

A NAV 2016 user had the inability to access the Drop Ship feature in the Sales Order module. The Drop Ship and Purchasing Code columns, which are required to access the Drop Ship feature in NAV were simply not visible and available to them. The user was assigned to the default Permission set “S&R Q/O/I/R/C” […]