DynamicsNAV2016Many clients are confused about the difference between the FULL user and the, significantly less expensive, limited User License for Dynamics NAV 2016, 2017 and 2018. Also, please note, that if you are using the NAV Web Services features (ODATA or SOAP), these services will also consume a license. In addition to the tables listed below, a Limited User may also access up to THREE (3) custom tables that do not have any GL Posting capabilities.

The regular Limited Users has sufficient table access to perform basic Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing tasks in Dynamics NAV. Generally speaking, a limited User is NOT able to post activity. This user License is designed to enter transactions in some parts of the systems, but not to post any activity.

Based on user security, a FULL user can access ALL tables in the Dynamics NAV system, while the limited user is restricted to the following Dynamics NAV tables:

Account Schedule Chart Setup Line
Account Schedules Chart Setup
Alternative Address
Analysis Report Chart Line
Analysis Report Chart Setup
Approval Comment Line
Approval Entry
Assemble-to-Order Link
Assembly Comment Line
Assembly Header
Assembly Line
Bin 1
Business Chart User Setup
Business Relation
Campaign Entry
Cash Flow Chart Setup
Change Log Entry (Audit Trail)
Comment Line
Cont. Duplicate Search String
Contact Alt. Addr. Date Range
Contact Alt. Address
Contact Business Relation
Contact Duplicate Search
Contact Industry Group
Contact Mailing Group
Customer Invoice Discounts
Deferral Header
Deferral Header Archive
Deferral Line
Deferral Line Archive
Dimension Ledger Entry
Dimension Set Entry
Dimension Set Tree Node 1
Document Dimension
Document Dimension Archive
Email Item
Employee Master
Employee Absence
Employee Qualifications
FA Allocation Dimension
Finance Cue
G/L Budget Dimension
Generic Chart Setup
Incoming Document
Incoming Document Attachment
Integration Record
Interaction Log Entry
Interaction Log Entry Comment Line
Inventory Period
Item Budget Dimension
Item Charge Assignment (Sales)
Journal Line Dimension   – Employee Relative
Logged Segment
Mini Last Used Chart
Misc. Article Information
My Customer
My Item
My Vendor
No. Series  Integration Page
No. Series Line
Notification Entry
Opportunity Entry
Order Address
Page Data Personalization
Planning Assignment
Post Code
Posted Document Dimension
Posted Warehouse Receipt Header
Posted Warehouse Receipt Line
Posted Warehouse Shipment Header
Posted Warehouse Shipment Line
Production Document Dimension
Purchase Comment Line
Purchase Comment Line Archive
Purchase Cue
Purchase Header
Purchase Header Archive
Purchase Line
Purchase Line Archive
Purchase Line Discount
Purchase Price
Record Link
Registered Warehouse Activity Header.
Registered Warehouse. Activity Line
Relationship Mgt. Comment Line
Reservation Entry
Restricted Record
Sales by Customer Group Chart Setup
Sales Comment Line
Sales Comment Line Archive
Sales Cue
Sales Header
Sales Header Archive
Sales Line
Sales Line Archive
Sales Line Discount
Sales Price
Segment History
Service Contract Dimension
Service Cue
Session Event
Ship-to Address
Time Sheet Chart Setup
Time Sheet Comment Line Archive
Time Sheet Comment Line
Time Sheet Detail
Time Sheet Detail Archive
Time Sheet Header
Time Sheet Header Archive
Time Sheet Line
Time Sheet Line Archive
Tracking Specification
Trailing Sales Orders Setup
User Default Style Sheet
User Metadata
User Personalization
User Time Register 1-Oct-2012
VAT Registration Log 6-Oct-2015
Vendor 6-Oct-2015
Vendor Invoice Discount
Warehouse Activity Header
Warehouse Basic Cue
Warehouse Entry
Warehouse Internal Put-away Header
Warehouse Internal Put-away Line
Warehouse Item Tracking Line
Warehouse Journal Batch
Warehouse Journal Line
Warehouse Pick Request
Warehouse Put-away Request
Warehouse Register
Warehouse Request
Warehouse Shipment Header
Warehouse Shipment Line
Warehouse WMS Cue
Warehouse Worksheet Line
Workflow Event Queue
Workflow Rule
Workflow Step Argument
Workflow Step Instance
Workflow Step Instance Archive
Workflow Table Relation Value
Posted by:CBR Technology Corp. - Christoph Riechert

Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, and QuickBooks Enterprise certified Solution Provider specializing in the deployment and implementation of these ERP, CRM and eCommerce solutions for the distribution/wholesale and manufacturing industries.

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