Several seemingly simply procedures require you to be in SINGLE USER mode or are limitation of the QBES system that you might want to be aware of. Also, many of our clients reports problems after they make such modifications as they forget to switch BACK to multi-user mode.


  • Making Changes to the COMPANY Preferences from the EDIT Menu such as Multiple Currencies Setup or “Send Forms”. Any changes to this portion of QuickBooks requires access in Single User Mode.
  • Modify 1099 Information and Print 1099 Forms: In a seemingly strange limitation, QuickBooks will not allow you to generate and process 1099 Forms unless you are in Single-user mode.
  • Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Processing requires Single-User Mode. In QBES 2015, Intuit added the ability to process NSF checks, BUT it requires Single User access. This makes this features virtually un-usable for large-scale QBES deployments.
  • Error Message:  “Only one user at a time is allowed to write letters, and ‘user’ is currently doing this.” You will receive this message when multiple users try to use the mail merge feature in QuickBooks on a network. I am not aware of a solution to this message, other than waiting for the current user to finish their work.
  • Changing Posting accounts for Inventory Asset, Cost of Goods Sold or Sales Revenue for an existing item Although extremely powerful in principle, changing the GL distribution account for an existing item in QuickBooks will change the ENTIRE history of IV transactions related to this item. However, you MUST be in Single user mode in order to make these changes. Please note that this process also might alter your previously issues financial statements for fiscal periods which have already been closed.


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Posted by:CBR Technology Corp. - Christoph Riechert

Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, and QuickBooks Enterprise certified Solution Provider specializing in the deployment and implementation of these ERP, CRM and eCommerce solutions for the distribution/wholesale and manufacturing industries.

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