Release 4 of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0 Windows – All Editions

This document summarizes changes and improvements made in Release 4 of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0 Windows. Release 4 includes all changes that have been made to your QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0 software since it was first released.

What’s important about Release 4?

  1. Fixed issues causing QuickBooks to close unexpectedl
  2. Improved Rebuild utility to resolve issues with duplicate
  3. Fixed an issue with price rules for custom fields on sales transactions

Summary of Release 4 Changes:

Accounts Receivable
QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly while trying to print, delete, or email an invoice without saving it first. (R4)

Advanced Inventory
Assembly Shortage reports will now include modified (saved or unsaved) Assemblies. (R4)
Duplicate serial number warning will now work if an Invoice is created from an Estimate. (R4)

Advanced Pricing
Price rule prices will no longer revert to the base price when editing a custom field on a previously saved Sales Order or Invoice. (R4)

Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close unexpectedly after opening a report from the Insights page and then closing the program. (R4)

Email Sales Forms and Statements
Removed “Mail through QuickBooks” as an option for sending emails with QuickBooks. (R4)
Increased the email template character limit from 2049 to 32000. (R4)

Excel (Send reports to Excel)
Fixed an issue that caused the report Item Estimates vs Actuals to not export to Excel properly if one or more columns were removed from the report prior to exporting. (R4)

Form Templates
Added a one time message to warn users about sorting columns on transactions. (R4)

Added three new graphs: Net Profit Margin, Business Growth, and Previous Year Expense Comparison. (R4)
Added “Save as PDF” functionality to the Insights page. (R4)
Fixed an issue that caused the window to not fully display if resized while scroll bar was active. (R4)

QuickBooks installer will now open the necessary Windows firewall ports needed to avoid potential issues opening a company file. (R4)

Added a “Manage Your Account” button to the My Company window for easier access to manage things like your Payment Methods and Order History. (R4)

Fixed an issue that caused logo images on forms to appear blurry after saving as PDF. (R4)

QuickBooks Billing Solutions
QuickBooks Billing Solutions is not supported in QuickBooks R4 and beyond. A new solution for online invoice payments is expected to be available by the end of the year. (R4)

QuickBooks Merchant Services
Company files with Multicurrency enabled and set to USD currency, can now process credit card transactions. (R4)

Merged the QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts into the Reminders window. (R4)
Increased support for larger DPI settings. (R4)


  • Removed blue shading from summary reports below the second level of sub accounts for better readability. (R4)
  • Searching for columns in the Modify Report window now supports partial name searches. (R4)
  • Added the ability to see which user created/modified a comment. (R4)
  • Added a Created By column to the Commented Reports window to identify the user who created the report. (R4)

Querying custom fields using DataExtDefQuery will now return the list of fields sorted by Name. (R4)

QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly while performing an Advanced Find using the “Name E-mail” filter. (R4)

Streamlined the data file creation process to make it more efficient. (R4)

User Interface
Added ability to use copy/paste/undo keyboard shortcuts in the Search field on transactions. (R4)


  • Fixed an issue that caused the error “Verify Custom Template list. Duplicate name encountered”. (R4)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the error “Verify Customer Message list. Duplicate name encountered.”. (R4)
  • Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close unexpectedly while exporting a Budget to IIF (File > Utilities > Export > Lists to IIF files and select Budgets). (R4)

Accountant EDITION only
Fixed an issue that caused the error “License not Found – Please try a different login or contact QuickBooks support for further assistance.” to be displayed when trying to unlock the Accountant Toolbox feature. (R3)
Accountant Toolbox can now be accessed from all Premier skus, and not just QuickBooks Premier Accountant. (R3)

File Operations
Fixed an issue that caused the file upgrade on QuickBooks 2015 to fail if a user attempts the upgrade logged in as a non-admin before signing in as a admin. (R3)

Fixed an issue that caused the footer fields Subtotal, Sales Tax, Total, Payments/Credits and Balance Due to not print when trying to use the Intuit Preprinted forms setting. (R3)

This notice is provided as a convenience for our customers and is not intended to supplement, modify, or extend the Intuit software license agreement between Intuit and the customer for any Intuit product or service. All information is provided by Intuit Corporation.

For more info, please contact CBR Technology at (855) 227-0700.

Posted by:CBR Technology Corp. - Christoph Riechert

Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, and QuickBooks Enterprise certified Solution Provider specializing in the deployment and implementation of these ERP, CRM and eCommerce solutions for the distribution/wholesale and manufacturing industries.

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